Banks must seize control of their dangerous data silos

Banks must seize control of their dangerous data silos

Rob Houghton, founder and CTO of Insightful Technology, says banks face a serious compliance and cost challenge with data silos. It’s time they acted

Breaking down data silos

�� Does your team know how to share? Your analytics and monitoring data, specifically.

A lot of folks don’t, and their data is stuck in silos, like #analytics, #perfmonitoring, #observability, or #errorlogging. Developers are in the dark about what’s important, what’s broken, and what needs to be faster. ��

Unifying Data Silos to Improve Operational Efficiency

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How IT Manager David replaces multiple disjointed data silos with one Single Source of Truth – This is David, the IT Manager, working long hours again.

With a main responsibility for the company’s product data architecture, he is challenged to meet an ever-increasing workload.

Joanna from Marketing has to launch a webshop, but product data is not accessible in the format she needs.

David must find a solution. Without e-commerce, the company will not achieve this year’s planned revenue expansion.

Peter, the Product Manager, must meet shorter planning cycles, but he cannot make the required product data available to everyone fast enough. Meanwhile, the competition is breathing down the company’s neck.

Peter also needs David’s services.

But David’s problem is that the current IT setup is outdated and inadequate for supporting the company’s future growth strategy. Simply put, another round of customizing old systems will not do the trick.

Another hurdle is that product information is managed in disjointed systems, databases and spreadsheets all over the company.

David has to take action now!

A friend from David’s professional network tells him about the Perfion Product Information Management system.

Perfion is one single database for ALL real-time data, product descriptions, files, images and video.

The Perfion PIM system is out-of-the-box and 100% standard, but still extremely configurable. Through its open API, Perfion integrates completely with the existing IT landscape and handles constant changes in requirements with no extra expense.

Because of Perfion’s intuitive, Office-like user interface, Joanna and Peter can also easily work with the system and publish product data everywhere without David’s help.

Now they all have a complete overview and access to product information 24/7 because the scattered data sources are now replaced with One Single Source of Truth.

Does your business strategy need to:

• Grow revenue through e-commerce or other new channels?
• Move products even faster to the markets?
• Offer awesome product data everywhere?

Perfion supports it.

Are you a busy IT Manager? And do you want to sleep at night as David does now?

Book your free online demo of Perfion through the Perfion website

What is a Data Silo?

Learn about how to transition data survivalists that maintain data silos into members of a collaborative data management team, with our guest speaker Lee Green (

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