West Africa`s Vista Bank Group teams up with Radar Payments

West Africa's Vista Bank Group teams up with Radar Payments

The region's biggest challenger bank has partnered with Radar Payments to drive its digital payments strategy across the continent…

Banking in Africa: Embracing Digital Transformation and Fintech Revolution (Intro to series)

Welcome to the insightful series “Banking in Africa: Embracing Digital Transformation and Fintech Revolution”! Join us as we delve into the dynamic world of banking, where industry veteran Ketan shares his 30 years of experience in the African financial landscape. From the evolution of banking, including the shift from manual to automated systems and the rise of digital banking, to the importance of technological adaptation in serving Africa’s young population, we explore the challenges faced by banks in the digital space.

Discover why Nigeria stands out with its thriving fintech sector, fueled by a youthful population, cross-border payment capabilities, increasing smartphone penetration, and a regulatory drive for financial inclusion and cashless payments. Learn fascinating facts about Nigeria’s fintech ecosystem, such as the multitude of standalone companies and impressive transaction volumes achieved by industry giants like Interswitch.

We also shed light on the conservative landscape in Ethiopia, where ECONET and government-mandated payment solutions dominate. Understand the shift towards cashless societies, the role of mindset change, and the potential of micro-finance solutions for everyday people.

Explore the fascinating payment system dynamics in India and gain valuable insights into effective selling strategies that revolve around understanding client pain points and providing tailored solutions. Lastly, we share the vision of Redian Software Africa, focusing on illuminating banking solutions (illuniinate) for the promising West and East African markets.

Join us on this journey as we unravel the intricacies of African banking, uncover opportunities in the digital era, and witness the transformative power of fintech in shaping the future of finance. Subscribe now and don’t miss a single episode of this enlightening series!

Audience Vista bank

Le Premier ministre, Christophe Joseph Marie Dabiré, a accordé ce vendredi 2 juillet 2021, une audience à une délégation du Groupe Vista, conduite par son président, le financier et banquier burkinabè, Simon Tiemtoré. Ce groupe est le repreneur de la Banque internationale pour le commerce, l’industrie et l’agriculture du Burkina (BICIAB), qui devient désormais Vista Bank Burkina. Les ambitions de cette nouvelle banque ont été dévoilées au chef du gouvernement.

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Here’s The Bridge That Gives Drivers Panic Attacks When They Go Over It

Here’s The Bridge That Gives Drivers Panic Attacks When They Go Over It

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