Zurich: Building brighter futures through insurance

Zurich: Building brighter futures through insurance

Peter Huber, CEO, details Zurich International’s digital transformation journey and explains why maintaining a strong customer commitment today is crucial

Global Digital Insurer: Zurich Insurance / Episode 170

Looking into the topic of insurance more closely, we visited the offices of Zurich Insurance Company and talked to Monika Schulze, global head of customer experience and digital strategy. Being one of the world’s most influential CMOs, nominated by Forbes in 2017, we were interested in hearing more about this experience and the future of digital insurance. Schulze was also happy to share practical advice on how to be a leader in a multinational corporation.

Monika Schulze is responsible for customer centricity at the company, but before Monika started working in Zurich Insurance, she spent 19 years working at Unilever, another big industry. In 2017, she was nominated by Forbes as one of the world’s most influential CMOs, which gave her the voice to share what needs to be done in the industry strategically.

Zurich Insurance is a company that is present worldwide in about 270 countries with 53,000 employees. Also known as just Zurich, it is a corporate company that currently serves around 55 million customers. Their strategy is to focus on figures and data, and to put customer-led strategy into action. The data they gather provides a better understanding of their customers.


Find out more about the insurance industry, what one of the world’s most influential CMOs in 2017 has to say about leadership, and how digital insurance will develop in the next couple of years, all in today’s episode. Enjoy!

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Skip to Questions:
00:00 Intro
01:20 Who is Monika Schulze?
02:04 What key insights did you take from your previous employers?
03:05 How did the title of ‘one of the world’s most influential CMOs,’ according to Forbes in 2017, help you in your career?
03:57 What is Zurich Insurance?
04:52 What is your key ingredient to ensure that the customer is really at the center?
05:37 How do you make sure that every client gets a personalized product?
06:39 How do you reach new generations, from a marketing perspective, as customers and as employer branding?
08:04 How do you foster the culture of ‘testing and failing’ and being open to what other people say within your team?
09:14 What is Zurich Insurance’s status quo and how do you imagine it changing in the next five to ten years?
10:29 How do you perceive the insurance industry and its future?
12:37 How much of a threat are companies like Lemonade from Israel?
14:16 What is the customer experience in insurance going to look like in ten years’ time?
16:09 What criteria do startups need to fulfill for you to consider them as potential partners?
17:38 How do you as a leader get inspiration and define your role?
18:56 Where do you see the biggest opportunities in the digital space in the upcoming few years?

Quick Fire Q &A

20:07 What is the best way to foster innovation in a multinational corporation, top down?
20:18 What would you recommend entrepreneurship or corporate to your children and why?
20:24 Who is your biggest role model in the digital world and why?
20:48 What traits do you look for when you hire?
21:00 What does success in life mean for you?
21:32 How do you keep your productivity high?
21:44 How do you maintain work/life balance?

Expert Advice

22:04 Expert advice from Monika Schulze

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