Banking Circle on the impact of bank and fintech de-risking

Banking Circle on the impact of bank and fintech de-risking

Fintech solutions provider Banking Circle evaluates their research on bank de-risking, and looks at the pros and cons of the current financial climate

Bank De-risking and Its Impact on Nonprofits – Charity & Security Network

The global trend of bank de-risking has had a huge impact on the nonprofit sector, particularly in the areas of remittances and humanitarian aid. What’s driving this trend and what are some possible solutions? Hear from the the authors of two recent reports on the issue.

The Paypers Money20/20 Interview with Banking Circle’s Søren Skov Mogensen

e-commerce is booming – and financial institutions are riding the wave. But the pace of uptake – undoubtedly spurred on by COVID-19 – as well as the increased expectations of consumers and the businesses that serve them, is giving those same financial institutions some big infrastructure challenges.

Søren Skov Mogensen, Chief Growth Officer at payments bank, Banking Circle, was interviewed by The Paypers about the role licenced businesses like his are playing in enabling Banks, Payments businesses and FinTechs to carve out their own role, broadening their capabilities to offer a full suite of solutions to their clients.

What is the impact of faster and real-time transactions? | Banking Circle

Denisse Rudich, CCO & Co-founder at ElementaryB Advisory, delves into the topic of faster and real-time transactions and the impact on AML in the digital age.

A Banking & Fintech PR Perspective: People & Communication Make the Bank Go Round

Scott Mills, the President of the highly renowned William Mills Agency, stands at the helm of one of the most prominent public relations and marketing firms specializing in the financial services industry. Recently, Scott engaged in a conversation with Brian Love, Head of Banking & Fintech at Travillian, shedding light on how reputational risk is alive and well, as evidenced from bank failures earlier this year.

As the landscape of the banking sector evolves, it becomes increasingly crucial for banks to proactively address potential crises and prioritize the cultivation of unwavering loyalty among their customers in times when confidence begins to falter.