Zurich Insurance: where the customer comes first

Zurich Insurance: where the customer comes first

Zurich Insurance Group is utilising customer feedback to drive its digital transformation…

Zurich – Exploring careers in insurance

An incredibly insightful webinar. The rotational nature of Zurich’s graduate programme opens you up to a diverse range of roles and business areas within insurance, and it turns out they’re not all office based…

…you could be doing anything from assessing fire safety, to developing communication channels for its customers – and from climbing oil rigs to inspecting Wembley Stadium! Watch this webinar to discover what kind of career you can create at Zurich.


This webinar was originally broadcast on Thursday, 22nd October 2020

Zurich Insurance Executive On How The Company Is Prioritizing Sustainability

Ericson Chan, Group Chief Information & Digital Officer at Zurich Insurance, joins Diane Brady on Forbes Newsroom to discuss understanding the business climate in China.

READ MORE: https://trib.al/ENJ7OhV

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Zurich Insurance: Higher rates make market conditions more favorable

Mario Greco, CEO of Zurich Insurance, discusses the company’s earnings and how macroeconomic conditions are affecting the business.

Join us on a virtual tour through the Quai Zurich Campus!

https://Zurich.com – Quai Zurich Campus is our global headquarter at Mythenquai, Zurich, which we have proudly called home for 120 years.

Quai Zurich Campus provides Zurich employees, customers and visitors with a modern and inspiring environment that fosters creativity. It supports new ways of working and a people-centric culture with purpose-built spaces for collaboration, innovation and customer insights. It supports our mission to transform insurance while preserving our heritage and values. We are delighted that the development supports the city’s 2000-Watt-Society vision for an environmentally sustainable future and we’re targeting LEED Platinum certification.