Rapid7: How can CISOs embrace the cloud?

Rapid7: How can CISOs embrace the cloud?

Chief information and security officers should be embracing cloud computing wisely rather than fearing it, says Rapid7…

Can I be a CISO?

15 young girls ask cybersecurity leaders ANYTHING

In honor of International Women’s Day, we brought together 15 curious young girls to meet with 5 accomplished female CISOs:

Melody Hildebrandt, CISO @ FOX
Ariel Weintraub, CISO @ MassMutual @massmutual
Heather Gantt-Evans, CISO @SailPointTechnologies
Olivia Rose, formerly CISO @ Amplitude
Emily Heath, formerly CISO @ DocuSign & United Airlines @docusign

The CISOs shared their experiences and insights into what it takes to lead in the cybersecurity industry. They also offered advice and encouragement to the next generation of women in tech. We hope to inspire and empower more young girls to break through barriers and dream big, no matter what the field

Improving Patching Efficiency with Automation w/ Rapid7

You have a good process down when it comes to understanding risk in your environment, but how do you go about working with other teams and implementing processes to actually reduce the risk? This can be quite challenging, especially if you’re reducing all risk manually.

Join us as we dive into the most common challenges faced when it comes to risk reduction, how to overcome these challenges in tactical ways, and the automation capabilities available in Rapid7 InsightVM that help you reduce risk in a big way.

Cloud App Security: What CISOs Need to Know

In this CloudLock Whiteboard Video, VP of Marketing Bernd Leger dives into cloud application security considerations.

Whiteboard Wednesday: How to Securely Adopt the Cloud

In this week’s Whiteboard Wednesday, Derek Abdine, Senior Director of Rapid7 Labs, provides a step-by-step guide to securely adopting cloud technology and infrastructure.