Volante drives global cloud expansion with $35mn growth fund

Volante drives global cloud expansion with $35mn growth fund

Volante Technologies has detailed its plan to accelerate a global cloud expansion plan to support its payments and financial messaging services…

The Edge to Cloud Future: Driving New Innovations, Customer Strategy & Security

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Ronald van Loon and Antonio Neri, President & Chief Executive Officer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise talk about The Edge to Cloud Future and Driving New Innovations, Customer Strategy and Security
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4th-Gen Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit—driving the auto industry

The 4th-gen Qualcomm Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit platforms mark an evolution in the automotive industry — a new era of enhanced, premium driving experiences for next-gen vehicles.

In this video, Qualcomm Technologies Senior Director, Automotive Product Management Vasanth Waran addresses the shift to a new automotive architecture and what it means for the automotive industry. More specifically, Vasanth walks us through the zonal EE architecture, the impact on the design of the digital cockpit, and how Qualcomm is meeting these challenges with our 4th-gen Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit platforms.

The new digital cockpit platforms are engineered as a homogenous and multipurpose solution to address the transition to a zonal EE architecture. They’re central hubs for high-performance compute, computer vision, AI, and multi-sensor processing.

The main building block of the zonal architecture is the central computer that consolidates components, including cockpit, ADAS, gateway, body controller, telematics, and more.

The software-based architecture is flexible and scalable, so feature and performance upgrades are seamless, as we’re able to use our Car-to-Cloud platform for OTA updates.

Our 4th-gen Qualcomm Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit platforms transform the car from a hardware-based solution to a software device on wheels. They’re designed to provide an optimized, contextually aware, and constantly adaptive cockpit system that can evolve to passengers’ preferences.

That means drivers and passengers can expect, among other things, premium sound, support for multiple hi-res displays, highly intuitive AI for personalization and navigation, and telematics and C-V2X support.

With our 4th-gen Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit Platforms, we’re delivering the auto industry’s most advanced digital cockpit solutions. We’re reinventing the driver and passenger experience, with best-in-class infotainment experiences and increased safety, comfort, and reliability. At the same time, we’re also addressing OEM challenges — specifically, cost and complexity. The platforms’ scalable automotive architecture combined with our Car-to-Cloud platform delivers a next-gen solution that’s both flexible and efficient.

Learn more about Qualcomm automotive solutions:
Qualcomm Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit, gen-4 press note: https://bit.ly/3ouZsBo
Qualcomm website: https://www.qualcomm.com/products/automotive
Qualcomm Snapdragon YouTube channel: https://bit.ly/2YcZ5Rn

Harnessing the power of generative AI to deliver next-gen search experiences

With the rise of Large Language Models, search engines are rapidly evolving with the “semantic search” capability. Not only do they find information with keyword matching, they deeply understand the meaning and intent of user queries from searching across texts and images to realize the AI-driven user experience (AI-UX) that is becoming the new standard. Tune into this session to explore the out-of-the-box dev tools from Enterprise Search that answers user questions like never before.

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Speakers: Kaz Sato, Holt Skinner

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Driving transformation with Google’s Distributed Cloud

Google Cloud’s focus has been on delivering the leading public cloud to customers. It has been thrilling to see the customer’s response to investments in areas like data, AI, price-performance computing, and security. Based on the growing needs of organizations around the world, the cloud is extending services to address more complex and unique use cases, from datacenter to the edge. Hear the strategies and customer stories that can help modernize people, processes, and applications to take full advantage of the distributed cloud from Google.

Visit the Next ’21 website → https://goo.gle/3i2ayO2

Jeff Reed, Sachin Gupta, Jahidul Khandaker, Suraj Rao, Rasesh Patel, Suraj Rao

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